game hosting

somewhat reliable game (mostly classicube) hosting.

servers hosted in isolated and portable linux-based docker containers at a tier 2 facility in kitchener, canada.

the actual panel is available here.

why host with me?

plenty of features and benefits:

  • you get access to a control panel, which makes it easy to spruce up your server.
  • maintenance and operations of the backend are taken care of for you, so you can focus on doing whatever people do, like making your server amazing.
  • instances are completely segregated and maintained by docker, a container application. orchestration has never been easier!
  • it's free. literally. there's no cost to you.

signing up:

if you'd like to request a server, simply use one of the contacts below, specifying that you're requesting a server.

customer service:

for hosting-related issues, you can get in touch through the following channels:

  • via irc
  • via email
  • via discord
  • support representative: CookieNetwork+
  • support representative: Kingmb+
  • support representative: UnknownShadow200+

try to keep questions in regards to the service, not the game servers. although UnknownShadow200 will take questions about the servers if you need help with that.


if you're here to file an abuse report, just send it to the email above.

you're bound by the following (which can change at any time, and also is not exclusive to these):

  • follow the law in your own country, along with united states and canadian law.
  • servers are found to intentionally abuse resources (abuse is defined as a server that consumes heavy resources for an extended time) will be suspended.
  • there is no warranty on the use of my services! backups are best effort, but sometimes things go wrong and data gets lost. you should take backups as well!
  • hosting services may be discontinued at any time.
  • really just use common sense and be respectful towards others. if an abuse report is received, your server will likely be audited.